Our Temple is both universal and ancient. We seek to understand the many and varied aspects of spiritual powers which have existed upon our planet from the moment we stepped into the physical form. We look to the collective Consciousness, as manifested most recently in the Spiritual Master, as a most profound example of Spirit alive in the world. We embrace these powerful forces and accept all challenges to achieve even greater things.

The Masters founded our Temple and Spiritual Abode in order to address the growing needs of people to understand the spiritual realm, Spiritual projection spiritual mantra, life and death, success and wealth in a more practical and working manner. He stood firmly upon the highest ethics and standards of excellence in working in the Spiritual realm. We proudly carry that banner today.

As part of our movement, the First Spiritual Temple hosts the Guru Ayer, a teaching body dedicated to the study, demonstration and advancement of Spiritual communication, healing, and the journey of the soul. We have a 4,000-volume library devoted to spiritualism, mediumship, parapsychology, and a variety of religious thought.

We hope that you will find the information within these page helpful and inspiring. More importantly, we hope that our temple touches your heart, your Spirit and your hope! We are all Spirit, and that is how we are all connected.